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I am Chairman of the American Conservatory of Music and music director of the Telemann Society.  I am a musician, composer, physicist, mathematician, scientist, researcher, computer scientist, and synthesizer programmer. Of the available main-frame operating systems, I like DEC TOPS-10 and TOPS-20, DEC RT-11, DEC ULTRIX, Bell Labs Plan 9, and Bell Labs Unix System V. If you want to have fun with these operating systems, you can join our programmer's club for $36 per month.

Do you want to know more? An Introduction to Bell System UNIX, offered by the American Conservatory of Music, is an interesting course that you will enjoy very much indeed!  My favorite PC operating system is Mac OS. Of course, you can't ignore Bell Labs Plan 9, but it is not designed for traditional Apple/Microsoft uses. Nonetheless, it has quite a lot of power available which is not available on other operating systems. There will be a forthcoming course available on Bell Labs Plan 9. Please watch for it!

I teach Computer and Traditional Music Composition, Music Theory, Theology, Violin, Recorders (all sizes), Harpsichord, Pipe Organ, Electronic Music Synthesis, Audio Engineering, the rule of St. Benedict ("Work and Pray"), and Computer Science.

The American Conservatory of Music also offers many other courses of interest. For further information, send me an email: otto at americanconservatory dot edu.

I recommend that you check out the Genex Audio Project of The American Conservatory of Music. Also, you may be confident in the expert recording services I offer at various external facilities which include DSD Audio recording and Mastering Services for DVD Audio, Compact Disc Audio, Analog Tape, and Super Audio Compact Discs plus location sound recording services and audio mixing and sweetening. For more information, call (219) 931-6000.

I'm carrying out a new project: Help us build a bright new future by ensuring the growth of an endowment fund for the American Conservatory of Music. Come join the effort with my deep felt appreciation!

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I have written a paper about heart ejection fraction from a novice's perspective and with a researcher's expertise about whether it is possible to increase a heart's ejection fraction and what available research is available to support such a notion from reliable sources of academic and medical research and practice.

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